We over at Back Beat Productions have been taking lockdown extremely seriously, as part of the staying at home initiative we have taken the time to upgrade our remote recording infrastructure and all the aspects that come with that, to record  great sounding audio without compromising the quality of what Back Beat Productions is known to produce.

That is why our facility is using Source Connect.

What is Source-Connect?

It allows its users to bridge into any ISDN line, making the need for an actual ISDN line obsolete. It also boasts audio quality on par with that of an ISDN line as well, enabling every user to achieve the connectivity required for smooth audio project management.

Available for Windows and Mac, Source-Connect makes remote recording sessions achievable from anywhere in the world with internet access. It even offers a plugin to connect directly to Pro Tools, the recording software, that allows users to directly pull audio files into Pro Tools for post-production work.

If you are still unfamiliar with concept please follow the below link to a video by Pro Tools Expert that describes the concept perfectly.

Logo of Source Connect Company. Image used to show that Back Beat Productions can do remote audio recordings

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